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What do you hate about Laundry?
At OneClick Cleaners we've eliminated
100% of the aggravation.

Set aside your expectations of what dry cleaning and laundry is, and find out how OneClick Cleaners will exceed those expectations. To truly simplify your life with top-quality dry cleaning and laundry service.

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With OneClick Cleaners flexible service options we have a clean{ing} solution for you!

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Free Pick Up & Delivery

Free delivery at home, work, wherever! Have a busy schedule? Save time and energy, plus there's no lugging of heavy dry cleaning and laundry back and forth or anywhere for that matter. We pickup & deliver right to you - you don't even need to be around!

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Concierge Service

OneClick Cleaners can pickup & deliver your dry cleaning and laundry, even packages direct to your concierge. Just schedule a pickup, drop your laundry bag by the concierge, we'll do the rest and notify you when its ready - simple!

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Visit a Retail Location

Like to bring your items to us? More and more OneClick Cleaners franchises are opening up retail locations in addition to their other great services. Just type in your zip code and we'll let you know who your franchisee is and what services they offer.

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Drop-n-Clean Lockers

OneClick Cleaners is excited to offer Drop-n-Clean, a 2-way secure drop off and pick up locker kiosk as easy to use as scanning a barcode. New Drop-n-Clean kiosks are constantly popping up, just type in your zip code to see locker locations in your area.

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By now we hope your saying 'how do i get started?'
Just Click Here - Simple!

You see, with OneClick Cleaners it really is possible to have dry cleaning & laundry simplified. Save time, save energy and have quality and convenience too!

Flexible options to fit your lifestyle.
Take a moment and think what you'd do with all that extra time!

We look forward to servicing you.

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Tip of the Day

Dry cleaning will remove perspiration and body oil. That's a good thing, because these two elements contribute to stains and fabric degradation - and will eventually produce a lingering odor if left untreated. learn more
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