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OneClick Cleaners is excited to offer Drop-n-Clean, a 2-way secure drop off and pick up locker kiosk as easy to use as scanning a barcode.


1. Drop it Off

Sign-in or Sign-up to your OneClick Cleaners account on your Smartphone and select Drop-n-Clean. Simply scan your barcode at the kiosk, and select an available locker. Put your items in and close the door - you're done!


2. Pick it Up

When your order is ready we'll send you an email and/or text message, along with a bar code to scan at the kiosk. Simply scan your bar code, the locker will open, take your items and be on your way - what could be simpler!

New Drop-n-Clean kiosks are constantly popping up, just type in your zip code to see locker locations in your area.

Find your local OneClick Cleaners

Just enter the ZIP of the area where you want service. We'll take it from there.


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